Sign out Skype from all devices

Few useful chat commands for Skype users – how to sign out from all possible devices and how to check the devices you are currently logged in. Remotely log out Skype account with /remotelogout If you left your Skype account logged in on a public computer or your kid is playing your tablet or you simply suspect that… Read More »

Chrome Address Bar Calculator

Google Chrome address bar calculator is an old Google Chrome feature, but for many people (including me) this will be a discovery.  Google Chrome address bar calculator Just type your calculations into google address bar and google will instantly provide you a correct answer. 🙂 Address bar understands even Sin and Cos formulas!    

Good news! New Skype emoticons

Good news – there are new hidden Skype emoticons (or I just found them only now) 😉. All of them are cute and masterfully animated. Try these: (stop), (whatsgoingon), (confidential) and few more. I will update my famous Hidden Skype Emoticons page. I will try not to be a (snail)

ASCII art. Pls share your favourites

Hi Guys , I love ASCII art 😍 and want to create separate page dedicated for ASCII miniatures. Problem is that ASCII art dimensions can be infinite, so I will focus on One Line ASCII Art. If you have your favorite ASCII arts – pls share in comments. (✿ ♥‿♥)

Skype for Business

My Lync communicator has updated itself into Skype for Business. Woohoo! Of course, first thing to do is to check emoticons. 🙂 It seems that there are no hidden emoticons in Skype for Business. At least, usual hidden Skype emoticons do not work here. And vice versa.