Sign out Skype from all devices

By | September 22, 2016

Few useful chat commands for Skype users – how to sign out from all possible devices and how to check the devices you are currently logged in.

Remotely log out Skype account with /remotelogout

If you left your Skype account logged in on a public computer or your kid is playing your tablet or you simply suspect that someone is using your Skype account – you can quickly log off of all devices with one command. Just type it in on any chat room: /remotelogout

Skype remote logout

This command will log you off on every device, except the one you typed the command in. Change the password if needed.

Show Skype account active logins

If you want to check which devices you’re logged onto, type it in any chat room: /showplaces

Skype remote showplaces

You’ll see every device that has your Skype account logged in. And then, if needed – check the paragraph above. 🙂

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